hangry bunnies from mars: The GAme

Face off against an invading armada of adorable little killers with a serious case of mankind munchies in Hangry Bunnies From Mars, an exciting new VR shooter from Studio229. Join up with the Critter Death Squad (an unconventional extermination company) and arm yourself to the teeth with epic weaponry designed by the team’s unhinged mad scientist, get tactical updates from a KGB pizza delivery driver, and fight to keep Earth off the dinner menu.


How long will you survive against a horde of fluffy-wuffy alien bunnies? Find out in Hangry Bunnies From Mars, a Virtual Reality experience for the HTC Vive that you won't soon forget!

  • Hundreds of onscreen bunnies attacking at once
  • Fight against fantastic toon style alien bunnies--the Fluffies, Heavies, and Scouts
  • Three unique weapons that unlock the longer you survive
  • Overclockable weapon damage output with consecutive kills
  • Powerful secondary weapons provide strategic advantages
  • Local and Global highscore boards for bragging rights
  • Intelligent difficulty engine that will match your skill level as you play
  • Three difficulty modes (Fluffy Wuffy, Hangry, Really Hangry!) for an extra challenge
  • Score multiplier gives you greater bonuses for playing on a harder difficulty
  • Make your stand in a vibrant section of New Los Angeles, all in immersive, roomscale VR!
  • Featuring an epic original score by Dave Dexter that changes dynamically as you play


The Critter Death Squad is a group of extermination specialists whose lack of subtlety in their business name has given them excellent discoverability on the internet. The CDS is staffed by a weapons engineer, a tactician, and you, the CDS’s exterminator, who may or may not be a clone.
Hangry Bunnies From Mars: Colin the Engineer


Colin is the CDS’s resident mad scientist and weapons engineer. Colin’s love for tinkering with weapons gave him quicker and more efficient ways of dispatching all things fuzzy to varmint heaven. Colin’s mechanical genius often has unpredictable results as his creations are rarely ever certified for field operation, though this has never stopped him from giving his inventions to Exterminators to test out. Colin's latest invention, a pair of modular transforming weapons, is about to debut with explosive results. Emphasis on 'explosive'.  

Hangry Bunnies From Mars: Vlad the Tactitian


Vladomir Romonovitch is a mysterious man. Born in Russia, Vlad served for an unknown time as a pizza delivery driver for undercover KGB agents before its dissolution in the 90s. Since there were no more agents requiring high-stakes pizza deliveries, Vlad moved to America where he paired up with Colin. Vlad gives tactical advice from his old tricked out pizza-delivery van which doubles as the CDS’s mobile headquarters and staging area. Vlad has often been known to disappear from time to time on “official KGB business”, though nobody knows what that means.

Hangry Bunnies From Mars: The Exterminator Clone

You: The exterminator

It is no secret that the Exterminator's job is the most dangerous job at the CDS, which is why their numerous recruitment efforts have always resulted in no viable applicants. So Colin turned to the latest in quick-cloning technology so the CDS always has an Exterminator on hand. In addition to a ridiculously overpowered set of weapons, each Exterminator clone is outfitted with Colin's custom Critter Protection Suit that is able to deflect gnashing critter teeth as long as the suit maintains its energy supply. And if the suit fails, there's always more clones.

A critter infestation of this magnitude will require
some seriously heavy weaponry. 

Every exterminator clone has access to Colin’s cutting-edge modular weapon platform he calls ‘Generic Untitled Name’ or G.U.N. for short. Each G.U.N. contains within it all the different weapon types a CDS exterminator requires, all packed into one convenient, transforming package. As soon as Colin gets the bugs worked out, that is.
Hangry Bunnies: Pellet Pistol an epic VR weapon

The Pellet Pistol


The Pellet Pistol is a small single-shot weapon that is powered by a two cylinder, two-stroke gasoline engine. The Pellet Pistol fires small pellets filled with radioactive isotopes through its powerful compression cylinders. Although the pistol is small, its high precision and small size make them a staple for the CDS Exterminator's rapid dispatch of all critters.

Hangry Bunnies: Rabbit Reaper Gatling Gun is awesome in VR!

The Rabbit Reaper

No critter will be able to stand in your way with the Rabbit Reaper! Just hold down the trigger and let the Rabbit Reaper's twin barrels unleash high velocity bolts of electrified critter death! Who needs precision aiming when you have the Reaper? Granted, it is the love child between a DC motor and a car battery, but those varmints won't care!

Hangry Bunnies: The Vermin Vac is a really awesome virtual reality weapon!

The Vermin Vac

This is definitely NOT a gramophone horn attached to a jet-turbine powered vacuum. Or... maybe that's exactly what it is. The Vermin Vac sucks in nearby critters and hyper-compress them in its storage tank for later use. When combined with an appropriate projectile launcher via a boingy transfer tube, the Vermin Vac is the perfect tool for critter capture!

The Hare Heaver is the best VR weapon in the game

The Hare Heaver


As that famous saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, use 'em as projectiles!" The Hare Heaver takes critter ammo from the Vermin Vac and marinades them in a proprietary blend of degraded nuclear waste. After a good soak, it launches that radiated critter grenade into the air, with satisfyingly explosive results. As an added bonus, reusing angry vermin as radioactive projectiles is good for the environment as it cuts down on waste!



Built into each G.U.N. is a unique secondary weapon. These weapons can be used whenever an Exterminator chooses, once it finishes recharging after each use. This allows The Exterminator to better control that oncoming fluffy horde through strategic use of these secondary weapons at crucial moments.
Hangry Bunnies: best alternate VR weapon


The Critter Cluster Cannon sweeps up any nearby critters and clumps them together in one big, frenzied group, and then flings them far away. The C.C.C. is very useful for clearing all those chomping vermin out of your personal space. Being scooped up and rocketed away tends to make critters pretty angry, so it won’t be long before they race right back to cause more trouble.

Hangry Bunnies: powerful Virtual Reality Motion Controller Weapon!

Hare Spray

The Hare Spray emits a sonic pheromone that scrambles the brainwaves of any nearby pests, leaving them in a disoriented (and admittedly more tranquil) state for a little while, making them easier targets to hit. It's the perfect crowd control tool, ready for any critter infestations or rock concerts the Exterminator may come across.



Fight against the bunny horde in Hangry Bunnies From Mars!

The Bunny Empire came suddenly and without warning, swarming en-masse from the Red Planet itself with the sole intention of chowing down on the human race. Experts in alien classification have categorized the Bunny Empire’s forces into three unique breeds: Fluffies, Heavies, and Scouts, each with their own unique characteristics. Earth’s militaries have generally agreed that the best way to deal with the Bunny Empire is to run and hide. Check out these unique enemies you'll encounter in Hangry Bunnies From Mars!


The Fluffies may look like cute little bunnies, but when antagonized or near a food source, their true nature is revealed. When any one Fluffy transforms, the others around it pick up on the Fluffy’s agitated state and also mutate; causing a wave of transformations to sweep through the horde until they are all angry, and hungry, and fast, ready to chow down on the first human snack they can find! Though an individual Fluffy is hardly a threat, when gathered in large numbers they are nearly impossible to stop.



Heavies are massive and incredibly difficult to exterminate. They are profoundly stupid, lacking the coordination to strategically move their massive rounded bodies. But what the Heavies lack in brains they more than make up in size. Heavies have eyes too high on their giant bodies, making it impossible for a Heavy to see where it is going or even what it is trying to eat. Because of this, the Heavies will often smash into things or even squash dozens of Fluffies in their attempt to reach the source of the food. Heavies can take a beating and are only eliminated with overwhelming firepower.



Scouts are little alien critters squished into tiny saucer shaped spaceships that are way too small for their bodies. The Scouts swarm obnoxiously around anything they deem to be a potential source of food, using their ships as a type of homing beacon that alerts Fluffies and Heavies where to go. Quite often, a gathering of Scouts will be the only advance notice of an imminent swarm of hungry Bunnies. Minis are incredibly easy to kill and pose no direct threat. They seem to be incredibly replaceable.



(to the city that is)

The CDS has decided to make its stand against the Bunny Empire in the Old Part of New Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis built in the Palm Desert after the first Los Angeles was flooded with rising seawater. Reports of a massive alien force headed towards NewLA hasn’t dissuaded the Critter Death Squad from being the brave heroes that the city never knew it wanted (to keep as far away as possible).

Become immersed in the city of New Los Angeles, all rendered in a vibrant artistic style in VR!

These bunnies may look cute and fluffy, but wait till they're hangry!

These bunnies may look cute and fluffy, but wait till they're hangry!

Take on the bunny horde with some awesome VR weapons and enjoy the fireworks!

This alien bunny looks strange. Wonder what will happen next...

This alien bunny looks strange. Wonder what will happen next...

Colin's main workbench - which doubles as the options screen & credits page

Colin's main workbench - which doubles as the options screen & credits page

A view of Vlad's CDS van and the Clone Identification Board where all exterminator clones will place their highscores!

A view of Vlad's CDS van and the Clone Identification Board where all exterminator clones will place their highscores!